About – Rene Gonzalez For Portland

“As a lifelong Democrat, I am firmly pro-choice, pro-gun reform, and committed to a city where families of ALL lifestyles are welcome. Join me in restoring Portland’s promise!”
– Rene Gonzalez

Rene Gonzalez is a proven leader.

    • Rene led the successful effort to organize parents and help safely reopen schools so kids get the education they deserve, as well as access to sports, after school activities, and the arts.
    • Against entrenched opposition by special interests, he worked to build a broad coalition focused on data, working toward a common goal. Together they prevailed and Governor Brown mandated the reopening of Portland’s schools. Working families, single moms, and those who have children with special needs form the bedrock of Rene’s supporters.
    • Rene’s thoughtful, data-driven approach to local problems inspired him to bring the same attitude to the challenge of Portland’s declining livability, defined by skyrocketing crime and out-of-control homelessness.

Professional Life

After receiving a Trustee’s Scholarship at Willamette Law School, where he was voted Top Male Student, Rene began his career as a business lawyer at Stoel Rives. In 2005 Rene went in-house at Knowledge Universe and rose through the ranks at what was then Oregon’s largest privately owned employer, eventually managing its Business Law Group, before leading the Corporate Strategy Team. In 2012, Rene opened a law firm, which services business clients throughout the Northwest. In 2019, his law firm acquired a software company, which services business throughout the Northwest and Midwest. Rene served as managing partner for both the law firm and software company and successfully navigated the pandemic without laying off or losing a single employee.

He is married to his college sweetheart and is a proud father of 3.