Endorsements – Rene Gonzalez For Portland

Tim Boyle
Chairman, President and CEO
Columbia Sportswear

Charlie Hales
Former Portland Mayor


…we applaud his focus on making Portland, including downtown, safer and more livable… Gonzalez is the best match for the job.

Tribune endorsement:
Rene Gonzalez for Portland City Council
Portland has lost its way, allowing a note of despair to seep into our politics—as if our government is at its most compassionate when it accepts misery and violence as collateral damage in the march of social progress. Gonzalez will help restore balance.

WW’s General Election 2022 Endorsements:
Portland City Hall (wweek.com)
Gonzalez is clear about his goal to decrease unsanctioned camping and help restore the quality of life that Portland used to be known for.

WW’s General Election 2022 Endorsements:
Portland City Hall (wweek.com)



Both gun violence and violent crime in general are at historic levels, for our city and compared to other cities. Unmanaged homeless camps have taken root throughout our beautiful city. The obvious impact of meth and fentanyl are now a part of our everyday lives. Portland has become a city that is inhospitable to small businesses and families. This situation is not a result of the pandemic. It is a result of bad policy and elected officials unwilling to face the truth and act.

This election will determine whether we will recover quickly or continue to struggle. It is time to put ideology aside and elect people who will fight for Portland. I need colleagues who use debate, reason, and logic to solve our many crises. I need colleagues who understand that public safety is the foundation for a healthy city. I need colleagues who value our city employees despite the color of their uniforms. We can disagree, argue, and debate while still valuing our public servants.

Rene Gonzalez is the colleague I need on City Council.

There are reasons to be optimistic. Portland has everything a city needs to be successful. We have mountains, rivers, world leading public transportation, small businesses and most importantly smart people. We can dig out of our current crises, but we can only do so if we harness the best and brightest of us. Rene Gonzalez has a track record of success in law, business, and advocacy. He has the temperament, nuance, and compassion to address problems and collaborate with his colleagues. We need to work together to bring peace to Portland.

Vote for Rene Gonzalez this November

—Commissioner Mingus Mapps

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Rene Gonzalez for City Commissioner.

Rene recognizes the challenges facing the City of Portland and is willing to work in concert with other municipal leaders to help Portland get on track. I believe Rene when he says he’s committed to finding humane ways to rapidly remove unsanctioned camps from our streets because everyone deserves to live in a healthy environment and disabled people and children deserve to be able to safely move about the city. I believe him when he says he’s prepared to partner with community and elected leaders to reduce gun violence that disproportionately impacts the Black community and fight the crime spree that is disproportionately impacting the working class.

Having served as the Chief Human Resources Officer at the City of Portland in the Mayor’s portfolio, I understand what it takes to lead in our unique form of city governance, I understand how divisive the City can be, and I understand how change management works at the City.

I am endorsing Rene because we need change, we need hope, and we need people willing to partner with ALL stakeholders to get our City on track. That’s Rene.

—Serilda Summers-McGee


  • David Lawrence, Retired CEO, Kaiser Permanente
  • MacKenzie Douglas, Dentist, Village Family
  • Anthony Montanaro, Physician, OHS
  • Jennifer New, Director of Treasury, Legacy Health
  • Brent Hoffman, Doctor, Providence
  • Trevor Moerkerke, Family Physician, Virginia Garcia Amy Barnes, OB/Gyn, Kaiser
  • Jeremy Gibson, Physician, Northwest Permanente
  • Ron Bowman, Physician, Tigard Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic
  • Daniel Root, Physician, Oregon Sleep Associates
  • Anthony Montanaro, Physician, OHSU
  • Darrell Brett, Surgeon

Ed, Government, Non-Profit, Arts

  • Rene Gonzalez, Retired Judge
  • Raul Gonzalez, Retired Judge
  • Al Jubitz, President, Jubitz Family Foundation
  • Charles Swindells, fmr Ambassador to New Zealand
  • Martha Uggen, Retired Prof, Willamette U
  • John Uggen, Retired Professor, Willamette U
  • Ashley Northam, Speech Pathologist, Arbor
  • Ernie Munch, Architect
  • Stephanie Lawrence, Artist
  • Jessica Frazier, Teacher, David Douglas School District
  • Ryan Youngbood, Exec Dir, UPDX Soccer
  • Nat Parker, fmr Overlook Assoc President
  • Roger Gertenrich, fmr Mayor Salem
  • Rachel Bristol, Retired CEO, Oregon Food Bank


  • Diane Fraiman, Voyager Capital
  • Edith Dorsen, Women’s Venture Capital Fund
  • Matt Compton, General Partner, Oregon Venture Fund
  • Glover Lawrence, Executive, Aspen Technology Shawna Staples, HR Director, Intel
  • David Tunley, Information Security, Nike Christopher Taylor, Renewable Energy, Google
  • Spencer Miles, Senior director of engineering, Ebay
  • William McGair, Software Engineer, EverOPS
  • Michael Burlando, Software Engineering Manager, Facebook


  • Michael Powell, Powell Books
  • Dan Welch, World Cup Coffee & Tea
  • Lucy De Leon, Salsas Locas
  • Junki Yoshida, Yoshida Group
  • David Thompson, TEC Equipment
  • Fred Jubitz, Jubitz Corporation
  • Richard Petralia, East Bank Communications
  • Russ Humberston, Russ Auto, Inc.
  • John Pontefract, WITFAWN, Inc.
  • Gordon Keane, Digital Vision Inc
  • John Keane, Digital Vision, Inc
  • Jamieson Grabenhorst, Horst & Graben
  • Gill Williams, GreenWorks
  • Jason DeBenedetto, Floor Solutions
  • John Ferguson, Riverpoint Medical
  • Deborah Lancaster, MBI Motors
  • John Scott, Scott Lumber Company
  • Mike Mcdonough, , Upper V Painting
  • Gale Castillo, Canopy
  • Matthew Jubitz, Jubitz Corp
  • Peter D. Nickerson, Chinus Asset Management
  • Benjamin Jubitz, The Kids Backyard Store Adrienne Dedelow, Trophy Baking
  • Nancy Jubitz, French Hill Farm
  • Bruce Burns, Argyle Capital
  • Tiffany Grabernhorst, TG Fundraising
  • Robert McCullough, McCullough Research
  • Jason McMillen, Portland Private Wealth Management, Inc.
  • Tim Bergler, Percipio Consulting Group, Inc
  • Ty Durekas, Happy Hall
  • Wendy Collie, Executive, Collie Consulting
  • Angela Todd, Angela Todd Studios
  • Thomas Puttman, Puttman Infrastructure, Inc.
  • Shane Hawkins, Trans American Impor


  • Michelle Lantow, Retired CAO, New Seasons
  • Berenice Lopez-Dorsey, General Contractor
  • Chris Mongrain, Pres, Emerson Hardwood
  • Keith Voigt, President, Great Western Ink John Phillips, President, Grand + Benedicts
  • Adam Morris, WCC Oregon Inc
  • Maggie Cormier, Actuary, The Standard Michelle Tashima, Admin Assistant, FS Funnel
  • Robert Hale, Ag/food processing, Hale Cos
  • Ryan Stephens, W C Earhart Co
  • James Tunley, Chief of Staff, BrightDrop
  • Brian Gard, Consulting, Gard Communications Matthew Solomon, CPA, Moss Adams LLP Jennifer Dale, CPA, Greenbrier Companies Taylor Cole, Data Analyst, Nike
  • David Maddocks, Executive, Cole Haan
  • Craig Douglas, Executive, SPS Health
  • Mark Loder, Fin Advisor, Wells Fargo
  • Erik Bjorvik, Fin Advisor, M Financial Group
  • John Hall, Forensic Accounting, American Fid
  • Ned Taylor, Inves Consultant, Hyas Group
  • Ralph Cole, Invest Man, Ferguson Wellman
  • William Seidl, Investor
  • Paul Carlin, Investor, 801 West Capital
  • Lland Chun, Jeweler, Fred Meyer
  • Vincent Micallef, Manager, Sagamore Capital
  • Jon McGowan, Man Partner, 801 West Capitol
  • Aaron Sundholm, Device Dev, Riverpoint Med
  • Charles Mackey, Manager, JW Underground
  • Eric Happel, Retail Strategy, Nike Market
  • Doug Etzel, Sales, Veeva Systems
  • Todd Staver, Sales, W. Coast Auto Enthusiasts
  • Janos Bodnar, Sales Rep, Voya Financial
  • Andrew Scott, Scott Lumber Company, EVP
  • Freddie Jaderholm, Senior Director, Nike
  • Sally Munro Williams, Recruiter, Boly:Welch
  • Drew Dedelow, Senior VP, Inland Securities
  • Gary Coe, Tow Truck Driver, Speedy Towing

Real Estate

  • Tom Brenneke, Guardian
  • M James Mark, Melvin Mark Brokerage
  • Patrick Clark, Inhabit Real Estate
  • John Andrews, Melvin Mark
  • Craig Sweitzer, Urban Works Real Estate Peter Angel, Pearl Real Estate Partners LLC
  • Mason Evans, JH Kelly
  • Martin Kehoe, Kehoe NW Properties
  • David Schrott
  • Amy Einstein, Edge Development
  • Michiko Slick, Killian Pacific
  • David Jubitz, Clearview Hotel Capital
  • Larry Wisher, Caliber home loans
  • Jim Lowenstein, Guild Mortgage
  • Ru Budhi, SVN – Imbrie Realty LLC
  • John Russell, 200 Market Associates
  • Scott Omlid, Roger Langeliers Construction
  • Dan Rodriguez
  • Sean Becker, Sean Z Becker Real Estate
  • Bryan McLean, BCMC
  • Lance Killian, Killian Pacific
  • Sanam Dowlatdad
  • Robin Springer, Windermere Realty Trust Timothy Walters
  • Corinne Kusmin, Coldwell
  • David Pietka
  • Daniel Deutsch
  • Erik Surbrook, CREA


  • Kelly Tilden, Farleigh Wada Witt
  • Darian Stanford, Tonkon Torp
  • Gary Lau, Cambia Health Solutions
  • Kim McGair, Farleigh Wada Witt
  • David Zehntbauer, Dunn Carney LLP
  • Michael Hallinan, Travelers Insurance Co
  • Ken McGair
  • James Kearney, Stoel Rives
  • Bob Allen, Dunn Carney LLP
  • Cody Gregg, Stoel Rives LLP
  • Thomas Wood, Stoel Rives LLP
  • David Munro, Thede Culpepper LLP
  • David Ambrose, Ambrose Law Group LLC
  • Eva Kripalani , Office of General Counsel
  • Stephen Janik, Ball Janik LLP
  • James Cormier, Emerge Law Group
  • Stephen Hall, Stoel Rives LLP
  • Jeremy Sacks, Stoel Rives LLP
  • Joel Mullin, Stoel Rives LLP
  • John Casey, Stoel Rives LLP
  • Randolph Foster, Stoel Rives LLP
  • Christine Mascal
  • David Symes, Littler
  • Shane Kennedy
  • Brake Hughes Bellermann LLP
  • Todd Bauman, Stoel Rives LLP
  • Kathryn Gallagher, Lane Powell
  • Brien Flangan, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
  • Elizabeth C. Knight, Dunn Carney Allen Higgins & Tongue LLP
  • Brent Bullock, Perkins Coie